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Why Should One Choose Cab Services
Rather than Pune to Mahabaleshwar Bus.

What are the disadvantages of Pune to Mahabaleshwar Bus Services?

Pune to Mahabaleshwar Bus

Shreeram Tours and Travels is a reputed travel agency and provide various travel options to a plethora of places.

One of their most impressive tour packages is the one that wins over Pune to Mahabaleshwar bus service. Mahabaleshwar is a serene hill station in Maharashtra packed with the old fold mountains of the Western Ghats wrapped in a blanket of, evergreen forests. This hill station is visited by lots of visitors all year round. The road to Mahabaleshwar from Pune is a fine one and is filled with captivating details.

Mahabaleshwar Temple by Car Booking

The Pune to Mahabaleshwar bus has to run about 120 km from Pune to reach Mahabaleshwar.

This two and a half hour journey is outstanding and heavenly. The roads are lovely, being very well maintained. Not only are the roads superb, the location and the view that you get to enjoy as you travel from Pune to Mahabaleshwar is also very exotic. As a cherry on the top, Shreeram Tours and Travels is a reputed agency and hence provide the best cab service between the two stations. There are many reasons to not opt for a bus ride. Firstly, you have no security if you can get any seat to sit. Mostly, people end-up standing and exchanging seats. Next, the seats are uncomfortable and you may end up getting back cramps as well as pains.

Pune Mahabaleshwar Car Booking

It should be noted that a bus journey is not as free as a cab journey.

The Pune to Mahabaleshwar bus is less likely to take multiple halts while on the journey so you may have to miss on a closer look but the journey is breathtaking irrespective of that. Well, the bus journey may come relatively a lot more pocket-friendly than the cab journey between the two stations. However, the flexibility of choosing the time schedule according to your preference is also gone. Plus, some public buses have limited leg space that can arouse major problems. Lastly, you don’t get the freedom to enjoy your personal space when on a bus. Therefore, the car services all the major USPs over the bus.


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